Standic Dordrecht

Thanks to ZERO Fire Systems (ZFS), Standic now has a special PGS 15 storage facility. The tank storage company from Dordrecht quickly found a suitable storage location for its packaged hazardous substances.

  • Complying with PGS 15 regulations, thanks to the expertise of ZERO Fire Systems.
  • Customised advice. Thanks to the expertise of ZERO Fire Systems, the customer has taken the next step in its fire protection.
  • The project implementation was carried out by ZERO Fire Systems and partners.

Protection level

Consider the tank storage of chemicals and biodiesels. That the required level of protection for people and the environment has been achieved in a short space of time. Standic had been looking for a storage location for its packaged hazardous substances for a long time. In consultation with Standic and the relevant authority, ZFS ultimately advised a PGS 15- storage that could be implemented quickly.

PGS 15

PGS 15- regulations apply to companies that store hazardous substances. This is a list of rules that the storage space must comply with. For example, fireproof doors and walls, the storage capacity of the facility for leaked liquids or product resistant floors that are not directly connected to the sewer system or ground.

About ZFS

ZERO Fire Systems implement complete fire protection systems for the (petrochemical) industry. ZFS work in a unique way to oversee the entire process for a fireproof company. ZFS give advice and take care of the engineering, the project implementation and the Inspection, Test and Maintenance (ITM).

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