Your total partner in industrial fire protection

ZERO Fire Systems is your international partner in the field of industrial and petrochemical fire protection. When you choose ZERO Fire Systems, you choose safety and sustainability. We design and develop customer-specific fire protection solutions.

ZERO Fire Systems are unique because we keep an eye on the entire process. This means that we can provide Advice, Engineering, Project Implementation and Inspection, Testing and Maintenance (ITM) for you. This will save you a lot of time and money as a customer. You deal with one contact person who will guide you through the entire process, allowing you to focus on your core business.

We also supply a complete range of industrial fire protection products. By connecting all these aspects of the process, we can achieve the most practical, cost-efficient and reliable solutions for you.

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Fire safety in four stages

Our four solutions for industrial fire protection.


Monitoring the availability and reliability your fire protection installations and systems by Inspecting, Testing and Maintaining (ITM) using our unique ITM method.


The effective implementation of the fire protection solutions. We provide the advice and design to create a functional and reliable system.

Project realisation

Monitoring the availability and reliability of your fire protection installations and systems by Inspecting, Testing and Maintaining (ITM) using our unique ITM method.


The best fluorinefree SVM

ECOPOL Premium (3%-3%) is the only proven fluorine free fire extinguishing foam on the market with the highest fire extinguisher rating 1A/1A-1A (EN-1568 part 3 & 4). This makes ECOPOL Premium extremely effective on polar substances and on hydrocarbon fires with forceful application. ECOPOL Premium is just as effective as the best fluorinated AFFF-


Side valves

Most hydrants are fitted with side valves on the 2.5” outlets which allows them to be used separately from each other. Our side valves are available in several sizes and with several connections.

Valve stations

ZERO Fire Systems specialises in designing, building and installing all kinds of valve stations and skids, the part of a fire protection system where the extinguishing system is controlled. Experience has shown that each system…


Accurate foam and extinguishing water proportioning are easy with a FireDos. This foam proportioning system works without electricity and continues to perform accurately even under fluctuating pressure. The system is suitable for accurately proportioning liquids.

Fire Defender (stationary)

The Fire Defender is an innovative way to create a high and dense stationary water screen over large distances or areas. The stationary Fire Defender is highly effective in creating a cooling or protective barrier…


A hydrant (fire hydrant) is essential in an industrial environment. These specially equipped water taps are placed on a work site to provide the fire brigade with fire extinguishing water in case of an emergency.…

Test foam (MIMIC-FOAM)

To meet your obligation to test your foam extinguishing systems without using your expensive and often environmentally harmful AFFF, ZERO Fire Systems has a mimic TEST FOAM available for every available extinguishing foam concentrate. This…

Electric / Hydraulic

At ZERO Fire Systems, we supply a complete range of remote or automatic fire monitors. We focus our efforts on the simple and reliable operation, the high water flow, the throw length and long durability…

Butterfly Valves

ZERO Fire Systems supplies a wide range of butterfly valves.

Synthetic Special 500 Uncoated

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