Oil terminal Amsterdam

The terminal in Amsterdam is to be equipped with a state-of-the-art fire protection system. ZERO Fire Systems (ZFS) has contributed in every possible way to this large-scale transition for the company.

  • The customer has taken advantage of the complete ZERO Fire Systems package (advice, engineering, implementation and ITM) for this project.
  • By handing over the entire project to ZERO Fire Systems, the assignment was conducted quickly and in a cost-efficient way.
  • Thanks to the specialist knowledge of ZERO Fire Systems, this large-scale transition was possible.

Complete package

The tank terminal has been equipped with a fully remote-controlled detection and control system for its fire protection system.  ZFS was responsible for consulting with the government on this consultancy project and also managed the complete basic and detail engineering. The fire protection concept was also implemented in partnership with ZFS. The upgrade provides a new extinguishing fire main, fire extinguishing and cooling systems, valve stations, supply lines, detection and control of all systems from two central control stations.

In depth

ZFS supervised the project implementation and were also responsible for Inspection, Testing and Maintenance (ITM). ZFS supported the tank terminal with all aspects which helped a great deal with project coordination and alignment and saved time for the customer. ZFS is the sustainable partner with in-depth knowledge of all aspects of the project.

Maximum protection with minimal environmental impact

After extensive independent live testing, all foam extinguishing systems on the terminal are equipped with the fluorine-free ECOPOL Premium AR extinguishing foam. The first and only fluorine-free extinguishing foam concentrate that scores a 1A rating on all parts of EN-1568 Part 3 and 4. On both fresh and saltwater. All systems commissioned for implementation were commissioned by ZFS using fluorine-free test foam concentrate, under the watchful eye of the customer.

About ZFS

ZERO Fire Systems implement complete fire protection systems for the (petrochemical) industry. ZFS work in a unique way to oversee the entire process for a fireproof company. ZFS give advice and take care of the engineering, the project implementation and the Inspection, Test and Maintenance (ITM).

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