Other proportioning systems

In addition to the 'standard' foam proportioning systems from FireDos and CTD, there are plenty more options. ZERO Fire Systems offers even more proportioning equipment. Proportioning systems are also available for mobile applications and on trailers and skids.

  • ZERO Fire Systems supply foam proportioning systems for skids and trailers, so your systems are always mobile.
  • We provide several different options.
  • Always the right amount of foam for your firefighting needs.

Mobile systems

The systems on the mobile units are variants of the EFPS Salamandre system. A device that is capable of proportioning over long distances without loss of pressure. Most importantly, this proportioning system can be placed at any point along the water flow, making it easier and safer to deliver large amounts of foam.

Another advantage is that it’s impossible for the Salamandre to have a blockage. Thanks to the special ‘dosing pump’, this system is always extremely accurate.


We also offer the MPVE. A mechanical system to protect industrial sites that require an automatic foam solution. The MPVE system is an injection device that works under foam concentrate pressure. It is easy to use and comes on a skid.


Would you like to find out more about our foam proportioning systems? Please contact us. We will then work together to find the best solution for your company

Foam Proportioners

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