BIOex have produced ECOPOL F3 HC, the environmentally friendly extinguishing foam concentrate for hydrocarbon fires since 2015. It is the first fluorine free 3% extinguishing foam to outperform the best fluorinated foams (AFFFs).

  • ECOPOL F3 HC has been specially developed for hydrocarbon fires.
  • Unlike other extinguishing foams, BIOex extinguishing foam concentrates are biodegradable and environmentally friendly.
  • ECOPOL F3 HC also very effective for direct use on the fire.

Highest extinguishing standard

The extinguishing effectiveness of ECOPOL F3 HC on hydrocarbon fires compares with the best fluorinated AFFF foam concentrates (Aqueous Film Forming Foam) on the market. The extinguishing rating of this concentrate complies with the highest 1A rating according to the EN-1568 extinguishing standard. Sustainable and highest level of safety standard.

ECOPO F3 HC can be used for forceful application making it well-suited to both stationary and mobile fire extinguishing systems.

ECOPOL F3 HC offers an exceptionally high resistance to reignition (burnback resistance), compared to the best fluorine protein foam concentrates. ECOPOL F3 HC also has excellent flow properties, allowing the foam to flow over large distances.


Ecopol Premium is efficient on solid fires due to its penetration and expansion properties.  The adhesive nature of the foam generated, combined with the slow drainage time, provides durable adhesion on vertical surfaces.


Ecopol is the environmentally friendly extinguishing foam from BIOex, a manufacturer that has been developing sustainable foam since 1998. Ecopol uses ecological, synthetic gel instead of fluorinated derivatives. Like the fluorinated foams, Ecopol offers the highest level of fire safety for different types of fires. ZFS is the distributor of BIOex extinguishing foams in the Netherlands.


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