Electronic Foam Proportioning System

At ZERO Fire Systems, we have developed a unique and advanced electronic foam proportioning system for demanding industrial use. The EFPS (Electronic Foam Proportioning Systems). EFPS combines advanced flow measurement technology, modern control electronics and a compact and sophisticated system design in one system. The smart design allows it to replace most existing proportioning systems with no major modifications to your installation. In addition, the EFPS makes testing your installation very easy and cost effective.

With the EFPS, we offer the best value for money if you are looking for a foam control system for industrial use.

  • The foam proportioning systems from ZERO Fire Systems are extremely accurate.
  • Reliable. To date, none of our foam proportioning systems have been replaced.
  • The systems from ZERO Fire Systems are easy to use, partly due to the special Bluetooth connection.
  • Smart engineering allows a simple 1 on 1 replacement, with no modifications to the current installation.


The proven system uses highly reliable flow and pressure gauges to measure water and foam flow and pressures.

The control unit processes this information and controls the dosing system with great precision.

The control unit, in turn, controls the highly accurate and stable electromagnetic control valve that allows the exact amount of the foam concentrate to be introduced into the water flow. This way, it can effectively control the foam concentrate flow that is injected into the water.

No pressure loss

The EFPS system automatically injects the foam concentrate into the water stream at high pressure with the correct proportioning, without using constriction in the system. As a result, the EFPS has no pressure loss. This makes it possible to install the systems at a great distance from the extinguishing object and the danger zone.


More than 1,000 of these systems have been installed over the past 10 years. To date, none of them have been replaced. This shows how reliable these systems are. The operation is so simple that you can get the hang of it within half an hour. We have used this type of system for various stationary and mobile industrial fire extinguishing systems.

The EFPS system can be used for the following systems:

  • EFPS with a central foam pump and foam distribution network with local proportioning.
  • EFPS with local E-Drive foam pump
  • EFPS with local Diesel-Drive foam pump
  • EFPS Bladder tank refit
  • EFPS with pressure tank
  • EFPS for mobile use (fire engine)

Large flow range

EFPS systems are available for flows ranging from 30 LPM to 60,000 LPM premix. The proportioning of the system is very accurate over a wide range, without pressure loss.

EFPS Gecko

The Gecko model has been specially developed to replace the pressure balanced proportioners. This system has been developed to be used in stationary installations with no need to modify the existing proportioning system. You can exchange the system in a few hours, which means that your system will only be out of service for a very short time.

EFPS Salamandre

Unlike conventional proportioning systems, the Salamandre model is capable of proportioning over long distances with no loss of pressure. This is due to the high-pressure injection. However, the most important thing is that this proportioning system can be placed anywhere along the water flow, making it easier and safer to supply large quantities of foam.

Another advantage: blockages do not occur with the Salamandre. Thanks to the special ‘dosing pump’, this system is always extremely accurate. Would you like to know more about this unique system? Please contact us!

EFPS Cameleon

The Cameleon is compact and specially developed for fire engines. The system can be installed directly on the vehicles or supplied as a mobile proportioning system. One advantage is the simple control panel. You can easily set the different amounts of proportioning rates. Can also be supplied with a 1.5-metre-long suction hose. Would you like to find out more about the Cameleon? Please contact us!

EFPS Triton

In the case of a forest fire, it is best to use the Triton. This proportioning system works well with low flow and proportioning rates. The system comes with multiple options. For example, you can choose an external suction from the tank or from the foam trailer. There are also options for a possible manifold injection and/or a hose reel connection set. Would you like to find out more about this specialised device? Please contact us!

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