Test foam (MIMIC-FOAM)

To meet your obligation to test your foam extinguishing systems without using your expensive and often environmentally harmful AFFF, ZERO Fire Systems has a mimic TEST FOAM available for every available extinguishing foam concentrate. This allows you to test your mobile and stationary systems without using environmentally harmful extinguishing foams.

  • Fully biodegradable foams which are environmentally friendly.
  • Does not cause problems for water treatment plants and suitable for all proportioning systems.
  • Up to 75% cost savings by using ZERO TEST FOAM.
  • ZERO TEST FOAM 100% copy of your own extinguishing foam.


There is an increasing need for companies and fire brigades that use a viscous AR extinguishing foam (often AFFF-AR 3×3) to test mobile and stationary systems without using environmentally harmful extinguishing foams.

ZERO Fire Systems have developed a viscous test foam especially for this purpose. This new ZERO TEST FOAM makes it possible to test existing proportioning systems. It has the same properties as the most commonly used AFFF-AR 3×3 foams, such as viscosity and foaming. It can also be used to test foam nozzles, monitors and foam generators.

100% representative testing

We can also replicate specific properties of your AFFF-AR in our clone TEST FOAM. You will receive a test certificate so you can demonstrate to those concerned that the TEST FOAM used is the same as your own AFFF-AR, and that the tests are 100% representative.

Cost savings

Using ZERO TEST FOAM will not only provide sustainable benefits, but also save costs compared to using your current extinguishing foam. ZERO TEST FOAM is not only cheaper to buy, it also saves on the costs of disposal and processing the discharged extinguishing water.

Environmentally friendly

Other test foams contain the environmental pollutants Protein-AR, AFFF and AFFF-AR. These fluorinated foam concentrates are not found in ZERO TEST FOAM. This also means that the common problem of water treatment systems not being able to process the large quantities of AFFF-AR foams is a thing of the past.

ZERO TEST FOAM is suitable for low, medium and high expansion. It can be used in all kinds of training situations. Test foam type V is specifically intended for use as training and test foam; it may not be used as a firefighting or extinguishing agent.

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