PGS 15 cupboards / cabinets

Does your company work with hazardous and flammable substances? Of course, they need to be stored in a fireproof way. For example, in a special PGS 15 cabinet. ZERO Fire Systems supplies these special fireproof cabinets.

  • The ZERO Fire Systems cabinets comply with the latest PGS 15 guidelines.
  • The Chemosavers have a large volume. Ideal for storing packaged hazardous substances.
  • Thanks to our collaboration with Hiltra, there is always a customised solution available.

PGS 15

PGS 15 is a list of rules to make sure a company is fireproof. One of these rules is that cabinets where packaged hazardous substances are stored, must comply with series of requirements before they are fireproof and can be used.


We supply Chemosaver cabinets that meet all fire safety requirements in partnership with Hiltra. Each cabinet can hold 12 IBCs.


Would you like to find out more about our fireproof PGS 15 cabinet? Please contact us. We will then work together to find the best solution for your company.

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