Linear heat detection (LHD)

ZERO Fire Systems protects storage tanks against fire by linear heat detection (LHD). A thin cable is attached throughout the tank. In the event of a fire, the polymer layers in the cable melt which automatically triggers the fire alarm.

  • A detection system that is reliable and cost efficient.
  • The LHD system from ZERO Fire Systems also ensures that there is never a false alarm.
  • The system has been designed in such a way that there are almost no maintenance costs involved.

Fast and reliable detection
Linear heat detection (LHD) is a cable-based detection system that provides temperature monitoring within the exact risk area. The system is reliable, flexible and can detect abnormal temperature deviations before a fire can develop.

The detector is a double conductive cable with temperature-sensitive insulation that protects the internal conductors. The internal insulation melts at a predetermined temperature, which results in a short circuit of the conductors that sets off a fire alarm signal. Fire conditions and malfunctions are identified by continuously monitoring the status on a short circuit (fire) or an open circuit (malfunction) by the Fire Alarm Control Unit.

Many benefits

  • Error-free and maintenance-free (preventive only)
  • UV resistant
  • Ideally suited for use in an aggressive environment
  • Flexible, allowing it to be close to the object
  • Alarm Point Location measurement possible
  • Suitable for zone 0

This cable is a very effective solution for environments where a standard solution is not enough. Installation is quick and easy which means that the system has a very favourable price/quality ratio.  The cable can be used for the following purposes: tunnels, conveyor belts, warehouses, hangars, cable ducts, power stations, (gas) storage tanks, exhaust systems, etc.

100% reliable

This system is 100% reliable and a fire is always detected at an early stage. Another advantage is there will never be a false alarm because the LHD cable is resistant to things like chemical influences, moisture, dust and dirt. An LHD has hardly any maintenance costs as a result.


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