A hydrant (fire hydrant) is essential in an industrial environment. These specially equipped water taps are placed on a work site to provide the fire brigade with fire extinguishing water in case of an emergency. ZERO Fire Systems (ZFS) provide various hydrants and associated underground valves.

  • ZERO Fire Systems hydrants will always give you access to sufficient fire extinguishing water.
  • All the hydrants we supply are compatible with your existing system.
  • The hydrants from ZERO Fire Systems meet the highest standard requirements.


A hydrant is an essential part of your fire extinguishing water supply. This means that in the event of an incident, the fire brigade will always have sufficient extinguishing water. Our hydrants are fully compatible with your existing fire extinguishing water system. The associated components such as kits and tools are all interchangeable at ZFS.

The hydrants are available in various designs, and we have industrial hydrants which are UL, FM approved and manufactured in strict accordance with AWWA C502 Standard. This “Fire-Flo” Hydrant is fully compatible with existing leading fire hydrants, all parts, kits and tools are interchangeable, and they are tried and tested over many years in industry and (petro) chemistry.


ZFS is the European distributor of the renowned American UNITED Water Products. We market hydrants, gate valves, check valves, Indicators Posts and related products from UWP.

ZFS can supply a full range of fire water and foam extinguishing products for the protection of tank storage, transfer and production facilities, within the petrochemical sector. All products from UNITED Water Products comply with the highest standards.

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