Foam trolley

If foam needs to be supplied on site quickly, a foam trolley can provide a solution without the need for a fixed installation. A foam trolley is mobile and ready for use as soon as it is connected to the water network.

  • The foam trolley from ZERO Fire Systems is convenient and easy to use.
  • With a foam trolley you can respond quickly to a fire at your company.
  • Complete delivery with fire hose, suction hose and branch pipe.


ZERO Fire Systems supplies two different systems; one with a 100-litre capacity and one with a 150-litre capacity of foam concentrate. Both systems are supplied complete with a 20-metre fire hose, a suction hose and a specially designed branch pipe.

The foaming agent is produced in the foam trolley by a foam proportioner from the manufacturer Mixy. The foam trolleys have a striking yellow reservoir, a strong frame and a red finish


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