Accurate foam and extinguishing water proportioning are easy with a FireDos. This foam proportioning system works without electricity and continues to perform accurately even under fluctuating pressure. The system is suitable for accurately proportioning liquids.

  • Highly reliable and accurate foam proportioning system thanks to a water-driven motor.
  • No electricity required, so the FireDos can be used anytime, anywhere.
  • Different proportioning rates are available with the FireDos, so you always generate the right amount of foam.

No waste.

The drive is fully provided by the fire extinguishing water network. The water flows through a water-powered motor, which is installed directly to the extinguishing water supply. The available extinguishing water flow is therefore fully available for firefighting. Without loss of water flow.

Reliable proportioning

The water-powered motor and foam pump are connected to each other via a coupling, and so operate at the same speed. A 100% mechanical system, which automatically regulates itself: The more extinguishing water that flows through the water-powered motor, the more extinguishing agent is added, and vice versa. The proportioning rate selected by the user always remains constant.


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