Fire Defender (mobile)

The Fire Defender is our newest way of (preventive) extinguishing. It is a meter long and high water screen that is stable and relatively easy to set up on any surface. Ideally suited for areas where hazardous and/or flammable substances are used.

  • The Fire Defender has been specially designed by ZERO Fire Systems to quickly achieve a high cooling capability on site.
  • The Fire Defender is supplied according to your needs: from 10 meters high to 200 meters long.
  • Fire Defender trailer (closed). The system is designed so that it can be connected directly to the existing extinguishing fire main.


The Fire Defender’s pipe system can be set up quickly. The pipes are placed where you want the water wall and all you have to do is turn on the tap. This way, you can quickly and easily create a large water screen. This is the best way to prevent a fire from spreading from one object or building to the next, but also to control gas and smoke layers and vapours, such as ammonia gas.

Fast fire control

A good example of this is for outdoor storage of flammable non-environmentally hazardous substances. There are risks involved. Fires that occur in these places develop quickly and can lead to major damage. It is essential to control a fire quickly in this situation. The Fire Defender plays a key role in doing this. The Fire Defender rapidly reduces heat radiation at the plot boundary, so that the fire can be quickly brought under control.

High cooling capacity

The cooling capacity of the Fire Defender is extremely high. The design, which has been refined, uses specially designed nozzles for optimum height and droplet size. The extinguishing, penetrating and cooling capacity can be increased further by adding the specially produced ‘wetting agent’.

Decontamination line

A water screen is also suitable for asbestos control or for setting up a decontamination line. There are plenty of options for using the Fire Defender to prevent a fire occurring during your work processes. Would you like to find out more? Please contact us.

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