Electric / Hydraulic

At ZERO Fire Systems, we supply a complete range of remote or automatic fire monitors. We focus our efforts on the simple and reliable operation, the high water flow, the throw length and long durability with minimal maintenance.

  • ZERO Fire Systems supply electric (ATEX) fire monitors in various designs and capacities.
  • All electric fire monitors from ZERO Fire Systems are delivered as turnkey systems.
  • Many control options and uses for the monitors available.
  • Electric, Hydraulic and Electric-Hydraulic monitor systems available.

Wide range

Automatic monitors are designed to deliver large amounts of water or water/foam solution to remote targets or areas.

These monitors can be operated manually or automatically using actuators and remote-control stations. ZERO Fire Systems supply a wide range of industrial heavy-duty fire monitors and control systems with a high level of expertise in electrical, electro-hydraulic and hydraulic controls.

In all shapes and sizes.

Everything we supply is fully customised. From small to large and from simple to smart. The latter is an automated system (with touchscreen) that can be connected to a laptop, so that you can always set up everything accurately and comprehensively. It is even possible to connect a camera to the monitor.

Intelligent and ATEX

The electrical consoles can also be equipped with PLCs, which can be implemented as a complete stand-alone extinguishing system or integrated with accessories such as lightweight portable wireless controllers. Systems interconnections can be traditional or with modbus redundant serial link (only for electric monitors) which reduces the amount of cables needed for the system. All components, such as monitors and consoles, are available for installation in hazardous areas or areas in accordance with the ATEX 94/9 / CE directive.

Extremely durable

The monitors are available with a full bronze body suitable for heavy duty use such as aggressive chemical plants or offshore platforms. Made with the utmost care, each monitor is designed to withstand extreme conditions and the product has a very long operating life.


Would you like to find out more about our electrical monitors? Please contact us! We will then work together to find the best solution for your company.

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