Deluge valves (Bermad)

Water and foam valves, also known as deluge valves, are indispensable as part of your fire protection system. At ZERO Fire Systems, we offer various valves in partnership with Bermad.

  • ZERO Fire Systems supplies deluge valves in all shapes and sizes.
  • The valves we supply are easy to use and above all reliable.
  • In partnership with Bermad, we supply all types of deluge valves.


The Bermad valves are easy to maintain, simple to use and reliable. Controlling these valves can be done in different ways such as pneumatic, manual or electric depending on the needs of your installation. We primarily supply deluge valves in partnership with Bermad.

Bermad foam and water valve format

A deluge valve is a type of valve that releases water instantaneously into a system that leads to the location where the has fire developed. This type of system is often found in places where a fire can spread quickly. For example, a storage area for flammable substances.


These valves are available in many variants. Would you like to find out more? Please contact us! We will work together to find for the best solution for your company.

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