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Solid material fires

Especially in case of solid material  fires such as: wood, paper, carton, carpet, hay, etcetera. ZERO Fire Systems has specially developed extinguishing liquids for this category of fires. These extinguishing liquids are the alternative to water.

On the basis of practical experience has shown that our extinguishing liquids are extinguishing  at least five to ten times faster than just only with water. Our fire extinguishing products are particularly unique by the strong cooling effect. The chance to get a flash is significantly reduced. In addition the impregnating  properties ensure that re-ignition is excluded.

Our extinguishing liquids are suitable for fires in buildings with a lot of steel. By the cooling effect is overheating of steel countered and collapse of the building prevented. The big advantage is that there is no special adjustments needed  to the systems. As a result, there is virtually no additional investments required!

Our extinguishing solutions for solid material fires are: