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Ecopol 100% fluorine free foam

The ideal foam concentrate

ZERO Fire Systems has a variety of foam concentrates in its product range, but one foam concentrate can be regarded as the ideal extinguishing foam concentrate.

This is the only certified (including LASTFIRE) fluorine-free foam with excellent fire rating in the world and this ZERO Fire Systems is the exclusive distributor for the Benelux.

The development of ECOPOL started a few years ago in France. Following the more stringent European environmental standards there is strong need to develop the ideal foam concentrate for the future. ECOPOL is the result of years of development which resulted in this unique product.

ECOPOL meets all future requirements without compromising on its excellent fire fighting quality.

  • 100% fluorine Free
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Excellent strength and fire extinguishing ratings for both water soluble (such as alcohol or biodiesel) and non-water soluble substances (such as kerosene)
  • Used anywhere (in the industry, fire departments, airports, etc)
  • Frost resistant
  • Easy mixalbe with water 
  • Compatible with existing standard nozzles, sprinklers and foam makers
  • At the lowest possible cost

All these requirements are implemented in ECOPOL. ECOPOL is being successfully used worldwide and is increasingly accepted as the new standard.

ECOPOL is still the only foam concentrate that has united these requirements.

Certified to:

  • European standards: EN 1568 1-2-3-4
  • Oil industry: LASTFIRE - GESIP 3-3% (fresh and seawater)
  • Marine: VERITAS
  • High Expansion: APSAD R12
  • Nuclear industry (PMUC)
  • Aviation: ICAO level B


  • 100% fluorine free (!) And therefore PFOS and PFOA Free!
  • 100% biodegradable (!)

Suitable for:

  • Heavy, medium and light foam
  • Stationary systems (such as blending foam sprinkler system)
  • Mobile application (eg, self-priming nozzle of a fire monitor)
  • Between mixer, foam pumps, bladder tanks

Technical information:

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