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More than 90% of Fire Brigade interventions are solids fires (Class A).

BIO FOR is the eco-friendly option for this type of fire, because it does not have contain fluorinated or persistent compounds and promotes the reduction of water consumption by 5!

BIO FOR is totally fluoro-free, it can be easily treated as it is 100% biodegradable (no incineration, no added costs). In case of spillage into a water course, it can be quickly eliminated without adverse effects on fauna and flora.

BIO FOR complies with European Directive on groundwater 80/63/CE: it does not contain halogenated compounds.

They made the choice BIO FOR: Fire Brigades and Industry trust in it worldwide.

BIO-FOR is your efficient and eco-friendly answer.

Certificates & compliance:

  • European standard: EN 1568 1-2-3
  • Marine: VERITAS
  • Forest fires standard: CEREN


  • Efficient in Low, Medium and High Expansion
  • Usable with mobile and aircraft application
  • Compatible with all-known proportioning systems (contains corrosion inhibitors)
  • Forest fires: tree, bush, grass, etc…
  • Urban fires: apartment, house, farm buildings, warehouse, vehicle, ect…
  • Industrial fires: textile, plastic, tyres, rubbish, etc…

Foam Action:

Wetting power:
Thanks to its affinity for solid materials, BIO FOR penetrates and extinguishes deep-seated fires. That multiplies its extinguishing power and makes burnback almost impossible.

Foaming power:
BIO FOR can be used for protection, its sticky foam can adhere a long time on vertical surfaces. To stop fire extension, BIO FOR can be applied as a firebreak
during land fires as it makes the vegetation non combustible.

BIO FOR is used at very low concentration. Thanks to its fast extinction speed with no burnback, BIO FOR gives a reduction of water consumption which increases the autonomy of fire trucks. The time for intervention is divided by 5. Burnback risk is virtually eliminated, which makes the post fire cleaning operation easier.

Technical information:

ZERO Fire Systems will be happy to give further advice on our various custom solutions. You can contact us by phone: +31 (0) 10 44 22 525