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Standard solutions

Besides our tailor-made solutions in the field of our impregnation products, we also have a wide range of standard impregnation solutions available.

Our  impregnation products are directly ready for use and could be applied on:
furniture, paints/lacquers/glues, paper/cartons, textiles, wall covering, timber, isolation, thatched roofs, iron and concrete constructions, parquet flooring, carpets, ceiling.

They can be applied directly because our products are direct ready for use and users friendly. Application by means of spray units, dipping, foulardation etc.

As our products are completely harmless in use, there is no need for extra protective measures during application.

Our products can be applicated in:

Hotel, restaurants and catering sector
Because the fact that our products are completely safe for people and materials and because Its users friendly character, it is very suitable for fireproofing of all flammable materials.

Paint and coating industry
It is possible to add in a certain percentage of our impregnation products to water based paints (Latex) to make flammable materials fire retardant. Our impregnation liquids can also be used in any water based paints and and suitable for all RAL colors.

Building and timber industry
In existing situations, such as wooden walls, ceilings, may be treated afterwards, by  painting, rolling or spraying.

Impregnating solutions developed by us are:

  • BV 1030 
  • BV 1040
  • BV 1050
  • BV 1060
  • BV 1070