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Customized solutions

Zero Fire Systems has a lot of experience in developing of tailormade solutions in a number of industrial applications of our fire retardant impregnation products.

Paint & coating industry
Direct application during production is advisable, obtaining advantage by avoiding extra handling and is cost saving, e.g. production of  fire resistant paints for steelconstructions, the so called intumescent paints. By heating, these paints are foaming  and cooling, giving the steel protection for 1 up to 1 ½ hour.

Building and timber production industry
The professional building sector are more and more questioning for fire resistant impregnated wood, because of strictly building demands. ZERO Fire Systems can offer tailor made solutions. By up front impregnation of all the wooden materials by autoclave (planks, beams etc.). This method is preferable above all the others, because of its great effectiveness. The wood will be vacuum treated for 2hours and under high pressure(12BAR) impregnated for 1hour.

To come to a specific solution for your products we would be of course delighted to share our expertise with you. Please contact us.