ZERO Fire Systems - Prevention & Repression
Dutch innovators of sustainable fire systems


The impregnation products of ZERO Fire Systems are specially developed for fire retardant treatment of all natural, absorbent materials and mixed fibers (eg, 50% cotton / 50% polyester).

The choice of impregnation depends on the weight of the material. The more heavy in weight of the material, the higher the indication of our product. The impregnation liquids are fully operational and user friendly. Application is by spray units, dipping and foulardation.

Our impregnation can be applied to:

Furniture, paints / coatings / adhesives, paper / cardboard, textiles, wall coverings, wood, insulation, thatched roofs, metal and concrete structures, flooring, carpeting and ceilings.

All impregnation of ZERO Fire systems are:

  • Non Toxic(comply with  LD50 value norm)
  • Not harmful to the environment
  • Biodegradable
  • Non irritant to eyes/skin
  • Transparant
  • No smell
  • Shrinking free
  • Not aggressive to colour(s)
  • UV resistant
  • Certified to the latest standards

Because of these features no extra protective measures are required, therefore safe in use.