ZERO Fire Systems - Prevention & Repression
Dutch innovators of sustainable fire systems


On an oil platform, there are many activities with an increased risk of fire. Fire safety is therefore essential for the safety of staff and equipment. The extinguishing products ZERO Fire Systems is a fire safe environment provided.

ZERO Fire Systems has the right products and knowledge to keep the fire damage as small as possible. It is important to note that all fire fighting foams ZERO Fire Systems fully PFOS of even 100% Fluorine-free.

Based on European regulations and Dutch legislation (Ministry of Environment) it is forbidden to posses and use fire-fighting foams containing PFOS as of June 27, 2011. If you want to read more about this subject, click here.

PFOS is a fluorine compound which is very harmful to nature and is not biodegradable and will accumulate in the foodchain. The future banning of PFOS-containing foams ensures that the petrochemical industry is looking for a real alternative.

ZERO Fire Systems can help the complete process of replacing PFOS-containing foam. We ensure (together with our partners) that:

  • the storage tank with harmfull foamadditive will be emptied
  • the foamconcentrate will be transported and destroyed
  • the storage tank or foam system will be cleaned
  • the wash will be destroyed
  • the foam system eventually will be adjusted technically or calibrated
  • your foamsystem or –tank will refilled

Besides PFOS free extinguishing foams, we offer also 100%  fluorine-free extinguishing foams. Want to learn more about our fighting foams? Click here