ZERO Fire Systems - Prevention & Repression
Dutch innovators of sustainable fire systems


Necessary cost savings within the national and international firebrigade organisations ensure that there is increasing emphasis on efficient methods of fire extinguishing methodes. Methods, which ensure that less operational personnel needed turnout and less use of drinking water. With fire extinguishing products that take into account our environment (fluoride free). Concurrently, the safety of the firefighters is our priority at any time. With more and more difficult to extinguish fires (dune and heath fires, burning liquid) quite a challenge!

With our extinguishing products ZERO Fire extinguishing Systems helps contribute to a solution for all of the above challenges. The extinguishing products Zero Fire Systems:

  • suitable for all types of fire
  • efficiĆ«nt: extinguish 5 -10 times quicker than only with water
  • biodegradable
  • favourable pricing
  • directly applicable on existing systems: no extra investment needed!

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