ZERO Fire Systems - Prevention & Repression
Dutch innovators of sustainable fire systems
ZERO Fire Systems provides the first proven
Lastfire certified 100% Fluorine free fire fighting foam
Extinguishes 10 x faster than water
without investments in equipment
The solution in fighting natural fires
without damage to nature, man and material

Our product, your solution

ZERO Fire Systems develops and produces innovative firefighting - and impregnating products for petrochemical, industrial, firedepartments (and other government), aviation and hospitality.

Our products are both a very good effect to the environment. Our products are non-toxic, biodegradable and meet all environmental requirements. We also offer training and education, so the products are properly applied.

Because we develop and produce our products is guaranteed personal expertise. Combined with the knowledge of your market, we provide a durable solution in fire prevention - and repression .

ZERO Fire Systems exclusive distributor ECOPOL
ZERO Fire Systems is also exclusive distributor for the Benelux for the products of BIO-EX and especially the 100% free fluorine foam Ecopol.

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